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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Bodine capacitor motor/gearmotor. Bodine specifies a certain capacitor value to be used with my motor/gearmotor. Can I change this capacitor value?

No. We choose the optimum value capacitor for use with your motor/gearmotor. It might be acceptable (consult Bodine Electric first) to use a capacitor with a higher voltage rating, but it is NOT recommended that the capacitance value be changed. The capacitor in a capacitor motor circuit changes the reactance of the auxiliary winding to charge up torque. Changing the capacitance value will change the reactance of the whole winding circuit. If there is an urgent need for a difference capacitance value (ex. correct size capacitor is not available immediately), you may be able to do the follow (consult the Bodine Electric Company before doing so):

           Use a lower MF capacitor if running the motor/gearmotor at continuous duty.

Use a higher MF capacitor if running the motor/gearmotor at intermittent duty.

Note: Changing the capacitor’s capacitance value will affect the motor/gearmotor performance. You may lose torque (consult Bodine Electric Company for more information for your specific application).

However, it remains Bodine’s recommendation that you do not change the capacitor that is specified for use with a specific motor/gearmotor.

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