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Model 3913 Enclosed Filtered SCR Brushless DC Controls

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Enclosed Filtered SCR Brushless DC Controls

Model 3913

Bodine Electric, 3913, 10000 Rpm, 0.0000 lb-in, 1/3 hp, 115 ac, Enclosed Filtered SCR Brushless DC Controls


HP Rating 1/3 At 10,000 Rpm
Input Voltage (VAC 50/60 Hz) 115
Output Voltage (VDC) 0-130
Continuous Output Current (Amps) 3
Peak Output Current (Amps) 6
Form Factor 1
Weight (lbs) 7.5
Product Type ABL-3913E
HPDecimal 0.3333

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User manuals

  • The stock models in this BLDC Control series with 115VAC input will be phased out and obsoleted soon, and are no longer available for new applications. Consider one of our inverter-duty AC gearmotor and control systems as a viable alternative.
  • If you require a BLDC control for one of our 130VDC BLDC motors or gearmotors, please contact “American Control Electronics” for drop-in control options.
  • Operates from 115 Volt AC line.
  • Filtered DC output results in cooler operation of the motor.
  • Unique Smart Reverse™ circuit allows remote control of motor direction.
  • NEMA 12 enclosure for environmental protection.
  • Dynamic braking for quicker stops.
  • 12 pulse/revolution tach output provides indication of motor speed.
  • Red LED indicates control shutdown due to a fault condition.
  • Speed can be adjusted manually using a potentiometer on enclosure.
  • DIP switches set the current limit so that the same control model can drive any size Bodine motor.
  • Inherent closed loop system maintains a 1% maximum change in motor speed from 0-100% of rated load when operated at rated speed.
  • Toggle switch on enclosure indicates AC power on/off.
  • Lamp on enclosure indicates AC power on.
  • Rotary switch on enclosure to select motor direction.
  • Fuse holders for line and motor fuses (fuses included).
  • AC line cable and motor cable are factory-installed.

Application Information

  • Extended 2-year system warranty when a Bodine gearmotor/motor and control are purchased together.
  • Rated for 40° C ambient.
  • Drives 130V Bodine Brushless DC Motors.
  • Two ways of mounting: face mounting using self-tapping screws on back surface, or flange mounting by installing four brackets (included).
  • Model 3912 for 2500 rpm motors.
  • Model 3913 for 10,000 rpm motors.
  • The maximum recommended distance between the control and the motor should not exceed 12 ft. (3.5 m).
This control can be used with the following models:

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