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Model 3702 22B/FV Series INTEGRAmotor BLDC Motor

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22B/FV Series INTEGRAmotor BLDC Motor

Model 3702

Bodine Electric, 3702, 2500 Rpm, 1.6000 lb-in, 1/16 hp, 24 dc, 22B/FV Series INTEGRAmotor BLDC Motor


Speed Range (rpm) 75-2500
Torque (oz-in) 25
Motor HP 1/16
Volts (VDC) 24
Amps 3.3
Product Type 22B2BEBL/FV
HP Decimal 0.0625
Length XH (inch) 4.7
Weight (lbs) 2.5
Connection Diagram 07401072

CAD Drawings

Wiring Diagram


Phase-Out Notice: The stock models in this INTEGRAmotor series will be phased out, and are no longer available for new applications

  • Integral 24VDC voltage mode PWM controller simplifies installation, minimizes EMI, and reduces wiring cost.
  • Featuring PWM voltage control, amplifier enable, direction and dynamic braking inputs. Fault signal output.
  • Built-in 256 PPR, two channel quadrature, optical encoder (total 1024 counts/rev).
  • Can operate in velocity or position control mode.
  • Single plug-in connector for power and logic.
  • Internal current limit protects motor from short-term overload.
  • Small size takes up minimal space.
  • cURus, CE 

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