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CCC Marking Options for OEM Gearmotors and Motors

Industrial Glass Coating Equipment / Rotary Cathodes
Industrial Glass Coating Equipment / Rotary Cathodes

A U.S. manufacturer of cathode coating equipment needed an AC inverter-duty gearmotor that complied with Chinese governmental safety requirements. The equipment is used to make components for applications such as touch screens, solar panels, automobile parts, architectural glass, optics, and electronics. To meet Chinese import regulations the drive system for the coater needed to carry the Chinese Compulsory Certificate (CCC) mark.

Bodine engineering quickly developed a special order type 34R-FX Inverter-duty AC gearmotor in full compliance with all the requirements for construction and labeling, including the CCC mark. With some modifications most of Bodine’s standard permanent magnet DC models and many AC models currently can meet the CCC requirements, and almost any model can be tested to meet CCC standards for OEM applications.

  • Fully CCC compliant with CCC Chinese language nameplate added
  • AC 3­phase, 230 VAC inverter-duty gearmotor
  • Speed range from 1.3-24 rpm
  • Rated torque of up to 350 lb-in

Most Bodine permanent magnet DC motors with Class B or Class F winding can be CCC certified. The 24VDC PMDC stock models are exempt from CCC testing requirements. Our AC models type K-2, 30R, 34R4/6BEPP/CI, 42R, and our 48R AC gearmotors and motors can be CCC certified as well. Special modifications and a Chinese-language nameplate are required. Minimum order quantities might apply. Please contact us at with your CCC requirements.

Bodine Special Order CCC Marking type 34R-FX AC Inverter Duty Parallel Shaft Gearmotor
Bodine type 24A, 33A and 42A motors and gearmotors

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Application Insights

The Design Requirement

A US manufacturer needed a gearmotor that met Chinese CCC requirements.

The Solution

Bodine engineers developed a type 34R-FX inverter-duty AC gearmotor that was fully CCC compliant and approved for import to China.

Bodine Special Order CCC Marking type 34R-FX AC Inverter Duty Parallel Shaft Gearmotor
Special order 34R-FX Series Parallel Shaft AC 3-Phase Inverter Duty Gearmotor

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