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Low Voltage & Solar Power

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Low Voltage & Solar Applications

Power management is critical in many low-voltage applications. That’s why Bodine low-voltage gearmotors, motors and controls are designed with battery and solar power use in mind. Whether it is agricultural equipment, a warehouse automation robot (AGV), a portable medical device, or a chemical injection pump in a remote gas or oil field, we’ll make sure you get the performance you need.

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  • Low-Voltage Gearmotors
  • 12-24V Permanent Magnet DC and Brushless DC Speed Controls
  • Class I, Div 2 Brushless DC Gearmotors

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Low-Voltage Gearmotors

From GPS controlled tractors to automated irrigation systems, Bodine gearmotors can be found in a wide range of outdoors and farm applications. Our type WX, FX and 5N permanent magnet DC (PMDC) gearmotors now feature specially designed 12/24VDC windings for low-voltage power sources.

12-24V Permanent Magnet DC and Brushless DC Speed Controls

Bodine type WPM and ABL controls provide reliable performance for many portable, mobile or remote location applications. We design and manufacture all our PMDC and BLDC controls in house and have the expertise to system-match our drive solutions to your application needs. Select a Bodine gearmotor and control and benefit from our extended two-year system warranty.

Class I, Div 2 Brushless DC Gearmotors

Our Class I, Division 2, brushless DC products are available as 34B-WX gearmotors or as a part of our 34B-WX INTEGRAmotor™ family (with built-in speed control). Minimum order quantities and lead times apply for these products.

34B-WX Brochure:​
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