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Engineered Solutions

Our team of engineers understands the demanding requirements for a wide range of industries and applications. That’s why we offer thousands of standard and custom designed AC, Brushless DC and Permanent Magnet DC drive solutions. Let us solve your application challenge.

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Engineered Solutions Products

  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Case Sealer/Packaging
  • Pizza Conveyor Oven
  • Medical/Lab Equipment

Automated Polybag Sealer
Packaging Equipment

The manufacturer of an automated bag sealer required that two conveyors within the same machine operate at synchronous speeds. By powering both gearmotors from a single AC speed control (VFD = variable frequency drive), the speed of both conveyors would always be...

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Automated Guided Vehicles
Warehousing & Logistics

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of AGVs contacted us to help develop two new custom gearmotors for their latest design. The solutions were two low voltage BLDC gearmotors with highly efficient windings and gearboxes to optimize the AGV battery life...

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Solar-Powered Injection Pump
Oil and Gas Production

A pump used in remote gas pipelines required maximum efficiency for continuous operation in harsh conditions. We developed a brushless DC parallel shaft gearmotor with an optimized 12V winding efficiency point, a parallel shaft gearhead with...

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bodine-gearmtor-engineered solutions-industrial-lifter

Warehouse Lifter
Materials Handling

A manufacturer of lifting equipment needed a small, high-torque gearmotor that would be capable of lifting and holding up to 200kg (440 lbs). Because the lifts were portable, the gearmotor would need to operate from 24VDC battery power...

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Benchtop Mixer
Laboratory Equipment

A manufacturer of laboratory mixers contacted us to assist in the development of an enhanced mixer and speed control system. It required a through-bore motor shaft that could accept an adjustable height impeller shaft and locking mechanism...

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Large Format Printer
Printing and Reproduction

An original equipment manufacturer  required a brushless DC control and gearmotor system to turn a very large metal cylinder that feeds media into a printer. After the printing is complete, the media is rewound with a second, identical...

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Pizza Conveyor Oven
Food Equipment

A customer needed a DC drive system that ran smoothly at low speeds without sacrificing higher speed performance or adding cost. We designed special motor windings with a high gear ratio allowing the motor to operate smoothly at low...

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Boat Lift
Outdoor Marine Equipment

The application demanded that the gearmotor be suitable for long-term use in a harsh waterfront environment, deliver high starting and running torque, positive locking capability when not running, and it needed to be powered by 24 volt DC battery/solar cell system...

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Mammography Machine
Medical Equipment

To increase patient comfort, a medical equipment manufacturer required extremely smooth and quiet operation of the gearmotors in their equipment...

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Assisted Steering System

A GPS guided assisted steering system required a battery-powered motor-encoder combination for use in a rugged outdoor environment. We developed a unique low voltage DC motor with a...

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Dissolution Testing Equipment
Pharmaceutical Equipment

A customer required that the gearmotor maintain the same motor noise level when switching from a 130VDC to a low-voltage 24VDC gearmotor. An analysis of the application’s load revealed standard...

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Motorized Stairlift
Assisted Mobility

A customer was having a problem meeting the industry standard for stopping time of the stairlift during a power failure. Even without power the motor acted as a generator.

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Electric Planter System

An agricultural seed planter required a compact, rugged and powerful 12V gearmotor to drive its seed meter. We developed a 12V hollow shaft gearmotor and encoder combination designed to withstand...

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Case Sealer
Packaging Machines

A customer found that motors that worked flawlessly in dry environments were not working as well in wet conditions. Our engineers determined that water was seeping into the gearmotors through their cooling fans. The motors were replaced with totally enclosed...

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Introduction to Brushless DC
Gearmotors and Motors

Brushless DC motors require zero maintenance and provide long life, low EMI, and quiet operation. They produce more output power per frame size than AC or permanent magnet DC motors and gearmotors...

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