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From our first motor in 1905 to today’s solar powered motion control solutions for the energy industry, Bodine has helped thousands of customers solve application challenges, develop gearmotor and drive solutions, and deliver high-quality products.

Bodine Sales, Marketing, Design Engineering and Electronic Products Manufacturing are located in Northfield, Illinois (near Chicago) while our primary manufacturing and assembly operations, human resources, accounting department, supply chain management, and main warehouse, are located in Peosta, Iowa (near Dubuque).


Quality   QUALITY

To maintain our leading role, we continually evaluate each aspect of our work. ISO 9001 certification of our quality management systems further highlights our long-term commitment to continuous improvement and to meeting the requirements of the most demanding customer applications.


Design   DESIGN

Designing and manufacturing high quality and high-performance products has been our passion for over 115 years. Our team is proud of our past, and we look forward to the gearmotor design challenges of the future. Need some help with a gearmotor application? Chat with us, or send a note to!


Availability   AVAILABILITY

Bodine products are available via an extensive distributor network or sold directly to OEMs. Known for their reliability, long life and competitive prices, Bodine gearmotors are found in many demanding industrial and commercial applications. 



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