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Gearmotors for Commercial Food Equipment

Bodine gearmotors and motors successfully power a wide range of food processing equipment where quiet operation, reliability and long life are mission-critical. Applications range from pizza conveyor ovens, to pita bread production, from hamburger ovens, to cake decorating equipment, mixers, pumps, and beverage dispensers. We also offer several AC, BLDC and PMDC models that are IP-66 rated and can withstand moisture, grime and water jets.

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Featured Products:

  • Compact, Versatile Permanent Magnet DC Gearmotors
  • Quiet, Powerful Brushless DC Gearmotors
  • Zero Maintenance, Continuous Duty AC Gearmotors

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Compact, Versatile Permanent Magnet DC Gearmotors

Bodine PMDC right angle and parallel shaft gearmotors deliver predictable performance, simple speed regulation, and high starting torque. Ideal for food-processing applications, our new hollow shaft hypoid gearmotors are more efficient, produce less heat, provide higher torque, and are usually smaller than equivalent gearmotors with worm-and-pinion reducers.


Quiet, Powerful Brushless DC Gearmotors

Along with many standard brushless DC gearmotors, Bodine now offers IP-66 rated products designed to withstand high pressure washdown and meet safety standards for food and beverage processing. Bodine INTEGRAmotors combine a 24VDC brushless DC motor, a gearhead, a motor feedback device (encoder) and a control into one compact package. They are designed to be an alternative for applications that typically require stepper or high-end servo systems. They are an excellent choice for replacing traditional brush-type DC motors in applications that operate continuously, eliminating downtime for brush maintenance.



Zero Maintenance, Continuous Duty AC Gearmotors

Bodine inverter-duty, variable speed AC 3-phase gearmotors and motors are an economical, zero-maintenance drive solution. The Bodine line of AC variable- and fixed-speed geared motors and motors features five frame sizes (30R, 34R, 42R and 48R and K2), with all stock models designed and rated for continuous-duty applications. IP-66 and IP-44 rated models available.

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