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Brushless DC Controls

Bodine brushless DC speed controls convert line AC power to the DC power required to drive brushless DC motors and gear motors. We offer filtered and unfiltered silicone controlled rectifier (SCR) and filtered pulse width modulation (PWM) DC speed controls. These control’s inherent closed loop system maintains a 1% maximum change in motor speed from 0 - 100% of rated load when operated at rated speed. Most brushless DC controls are IP-00 open chassis design and are intended for installation in OEM machinery. 

Bodine BLDC filtered SCR controls operate from 115 VAC input (50/60 Hz) line, and are designed to drive 130 VDC rated brushless DC gearmotors or motors. They feature Smart-Reverse circuitry for remote control of the direction of the motor, dynamic braking for quicker stops and a 12 pulse per revolution tach output. DIP switches set the current limit. Five onboard speed potentiometers allow the user to set torque limit, minimum and maximum speed limit as well as acceleration and deceleration time. 

Unfiltered SCR BLDC speed controls provide a simple and economical choice for speed control with many of the same features as our filtered controls. The DC output from these controls can cause motors to run at higher temperatures. 

Low-voltage brushless DC PWM controls operate from a 12V or 24 VDC power source and are designed to drive 12 or 24VDC rated motors or gearmotors. They are ideal for portable battery or solar powered applications. These controls also feature Smart Reverse, dynamic breaking, current limit DIP switches and max-min speed pots, as well as a 12 pulse/revolution tach. Models with either 60° or 120° commutation are available.

Bodine brushless DC speed controls are eligible for an extended 2-year system warranty when purchased with a matched brushless DC gearmotor or motor.

  • Precise speed control
  • Quick connect tabs available for easy wiring
  • Low voltage models for battery or solar-powered applications

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Compact Low Voltage Brushless DC Controls

Power: 1/4 to 3/8 HP
Voltage (Input): 12-24 or 24-35 DC
Voltage (Output): 12 or 24 DC
Amps (Output): 18 to 30

Compact Low Voltage Brushless DC Controls (120° Commutation)

Power: up to 3/8 HP
Voltage (Input): 24 to 35 DC
Voltage (Output): 24 DC
Amps (Output): 18

Low Voltage PWM Brushless DC Controls

Power: 1/6 to 3/8 HP
Voltage (Input): 35 DC
Voltage (Output): 24 DC
Amps (Output): 10 to 30

Enclosed Filtered SCR Brushless DC Controls

Power: 1/3 to 3/8 HP
Voltage (Input): 115 AC
Voltage (Output): 130 DC
Amps (Output): 3 to 6

Filtered SCR Brushless DC Controls

Power: 1/3 to 3/8 HP
Voltage (Input): 115 AC
Voltage (Output): 130 DC
Amps (Output): 3 to 6

Unfiltered SCR Brushless DC Controls

Power: 3/8 HP
Voltage (Input): 115 AC
Voltage (Output): 90 DC
Amps (Output): 3 to 6

Low Voltage 12V PWM Brushless DC Control

Power: 1/4 HP
Voltage (Input): 14 DC
Voltage (Output): 12 DC
Amps (Output): 20 to 30

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