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Filtered PWM DC Basic Speed Control (open chassis)

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Filtered PWM DC Basic Speed Control (open chassis)

Filtered PWM DC Basic Speed Control (open chassis)

Application Information

  • Extended 2-year system warranty when a Bodine gearmotor/motor and control are purchased together.
  • Rated for continuous operation in 50° C ambient with no additional heat sink.
  • Drives Bodine 130 Volt permanent magnet DC motors.
  • Drives 90 Volt "SCR rated" and 130 Volt "PWM rated" PM DC motors made by other manufacturers.
  • Connections made to models 0780 and 0781 with 0.25" quick connect tabs. Seven mating terminals supplied with control. Connections made to models 0783 and 0784 with pluggable terminal block (supplied with control).

  • Operates off 115 Volt AC line, 50/60 Hz.
  • Filtered DC output for cooler motor operation, longer brush life, lower audible noise, and wider speed range.
  • Back EMF feedback maintains better than 2% speed regulation.
  • Dip switches to easily calibrate control for different motor sizes.
  • Two diagnostic LEDs indicate when power is on and when current output is at limit set by TORQ pot.
  • Five on-board user-adjustable pots for torque limit, minimum speed limit, maximum speed limit, acceleration time, and speed regulation.
  • Speed can be adjusted manually using a remote 10k speed pot (included with control).
  • Connections for optional user-supplied inhibit switch.

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