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With over 1,500 stock products to start from, let us create a drive system that precisely meets your requirements. Please check out our Engineered Solutions page for custom gearmotors/motors, and application examples!


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Single-Reduction Right Angle Gearmotor

Single-Reduction Right-Angle "6RX" Gearmotors Fit in Tight Spaces

Available with three different permanent magnet DC motor options, the 6RX gearmotors are ideal for a range of industrial and mobility applications that require a very narrow gearhead. We offer the 6RX gearhead with our 37A and 42A PMDC motors and various high- and low-voltage winding options (12, 24, 90, 130 and 180 VDC). The gearmotors are available with a wide range of gear ratios: 12:1, 18:1, 24:1, 28:1, 30:1, 36:1; and higher gear ratios with self-locking feature 48:1, 52:1, 57:1, and 72:1. Output torque ranges from 250 lb-in to up to 500 lb-in (57 Nm) for intermittent duty applications.

We manufacture 6RX gearmotors configured with single drive shaft, double drive shaft or hollow shaft option. Shaft diameters for solid output shafts range from 0.5 to 0.75 inch O.D., and hollow shaft versions are available up to 5/8 inch bore size. Other options include accessory shafts for encoders and brakes, as well as factory-installed brake packages.


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