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Molecular Distillation Equipment for the Cannabis Industry

A manufacturer of CBD distillation equipment required a gearmotor to precisely control the flow and speed of liquid material through their new distillation apparatus.

Standard/Stock 34R-FX and 42R-FX Series Parallel Shaft AC 3-Phase Inverter Duty Gearmotors
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Working with an authorized Bodine distributor and our sales team, the manufacturer selected several of our variable speed AC inverter duty gearmotors, combined with inverter drives (VFDs) and a PLC control to drive the pumps and stirring mechanism within the distillation system. Earlier versions of the equipment used a competitor’s brush-type DC motor and control system. By replacing them with Bodine AC inverter-duty gearmotors, the manufacturer eliminated both brush maintenance and the noise associated with brushed DC motors.

  • Standard/Stock 42R-FX AC inverter duty gearmotors
  • Eliminated brush maintenance reducing machine downtime
  • Lowered operational noise

Now also available from Bodine: new Class I/Div 2 AC inverter-duty and fixed speed (PSC) 34R-FX gearmotors, and CI/Div1 “Explosion-Proof” AC inverter-duty and low-voltage BLDC type 34R-FX gearmotors and 34R6BX motors.

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