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Gearmotors for Packaging Equipment 

Our team of design and application engineers is ready for your next design challenge. We supply rugged, high-performance gearmotor solutions to many OEMs in the packaging industry and understand the demanding performance requirements for packaging machines where downtime is not an option. To get you started, we offer over 1,400 standard/stock products with gear ratios from 4:1 to 3600:1, torque to 1000 lb-in (113Nm) and horsepower up to ¾ hp (560W). But if a stock product doesn’t meet your application requirements, we are more than happy to talk with you and your team about a custom solution.

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  • Variable and Fixed Speed Continuous Duty AC Gearmotors
  • PMDC Motors and Gearmotor
  • Brushless DC (EC) and INTEGRAmotors

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Variable and Fixed Speed Continuous Duty AC Gearmotors

Our AC products provide a wide range of gearmotor configurations for maximum design flexibility. For packaging equipment that demands superior performance and zero-maintenance choose Bodine AC three-phase inverter duty (variable speed) or permanent split capacitor and split phase (fixed speed) gearmotors. Over 500 standard products with gear ratios from 4:1 to 3600:1, torque up to 1000 lb-in (113Nm) and horsepower up to 3/4hp (560W).

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PMDC Motors and Gearmotor

Permanent magnet DC gearmotors are ideal for packaging machines that require high starting torque and predictable linear speed torque performance. Available in three frame sizes, with voltages of 12/24, 90, 130, and 180VDC, and rated power of 1/50-1/2 HP (15-373 Watts). Parallel-shaft and right-angle gearmotors, as well as many hollow shaft models.


Brushless DC (EC) and INTEGRAmotors

When your application requires PMDC motor performance and maintenance-free operation, our brushless DC (EC) gearmotors are the right choice. Available with either 24 or 130VDC windings, they provide up to 1/4 HP (186 Watts) and up to 310 lb-in (35 Nm) torque. Our family of INTEGRAmotors feature a low-voltage brushless DC speed control, motor and encoder in one compact package.




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