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Bodine Gearmotors for Packaging Applications

We have decades of experience with supplying rugged, high-performance gearmotor solutions to many OEMs in the packaging industry. Our design team understands the demanding performance requirements for packaging machines where downtime is not an option.

Bodine offers over 1,400 standard/stock products with gear ratios from 4:1 to 3600:1, torque to 1000 lb-in (113Nm) and horsepower up to ¾ hp (560W). AC fixed-speed (PSC) and variable-speed (inverter duty) gearmotors and motors as well as permanent magnet DC (PMDC), and brushless DC (BLDC / EC) gearmotors, motors and controls. We manufacture right-angle, hollow shaft, parallel shaft and planetary gearmotor solutions for conveyors, packaging and labeling applications.

Bodine Gearmotors for Packaging Applications in Food, Medical, Lab, Pharmaceutical.

And if a standard product does not fit your application requirements, we can simplify your design by providing a custom solution that meets your needs. From custom cables, connectors, and special motor shafts, to unique gearhead and mounting designs, almost every component of a Bodine gearmotor, motor or control can be modified. We also offer an extensive array of pre-designed options, including holding brakes and feedback devices.

Bodine Gearmotors Drive the Packaging Industry

Case Sealer

Case sealers are packaging machines that drive an open card board box between two vertical conveyors while tape is wrapped around the box to close it. The model shown uses two Bodine 42R-FX (AC) parallel shaft gearmotors to drive the conveyors.

Foam-in-Bag Packaging

Foam-in-bag molding systems create molded cushions for products that require a consistent, precise fit and product protection during the shipping and handling process. The machine shown is driven by a Bodine INTEGRAmotor brushless DC (EC) gearmotor with built-in control.

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