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Bodine's Gearmotor & Motor Handbook - Online Edition

Our handbook is intended to provide design engineers with the basic information you need to successfully and safely select and apply gearmotors, motors and speed controls. Click on a section below to view.

Learn About:
AC Induction Gearmotors and Motors

This section describes operation and function of AC induction motors and gearmotors. We discuss the various winding types as well as how the line frequency, supply voltage and pole count affect motor performance.


Learn About:
PMDC Gearmotors and Motors

We review the features and benefits of permanent magnet DC (PMDC) gearmotors and motors such as: speed-torque performance characteristics, starting torque, quiet and easy to wire and control.


Learn About:
BLDC Gearmotors and Motors

BLDC gearmotors and motors are ideal for continuous duty applications. They provide the same performance as PMDC motors, but without the need for brush maintenance or brush replacement.


Our complete handbook includes comprehensive information on everything from electric motor fundamentals, basic construction, controls, and motor/gearmotor selection and applications.

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