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Pacesetter Chassis / IP-00 Series AC Inverter

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Pacesetter Chassis / IP-00 Series AC Inverter

Pacesetter Chassis / IP-00 Series AC Inverter

Application Information

Our PACESETTERâ„¢ AC inverters are modern, state-of-the-art drives that employ the latest IGBTs for power and the latest microprocessors for control. Matched with inverter duty AC motors, the adjustable speed system offers an alternative to DC motor and drive systems without the headaches of brush replacement. The high frequency PWM output keeps the system quiet.
Installation of a CE approved RFI filter is required to meet CE. Contact our customer service department for details.

  • Open Chassis construction for installation into OEM machinery.
  • Speed control via external speed pot or external analog signal.
  • 11 functions adjustable via trim pots or jumpers.
  • 2 selectable Volts/Hz patterns for each input frequency (50/60Hz).
  • 3 dedicated logic inputs.
  • Protection against overload, over voltage, under voltage, overheating, and motor short circuit.
  • Dimensions only 4.56" x 4.85" x 2.62".
  • UL, cUL, RoHS, CE.

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