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Compact Low Voltage Brushless DC Controls

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Compact Low Voltage Brushless DC Controls

Compact Low Voltage Brushless DC Controls

Application Information

  • Extended 2-year system warranty when a Bodine gearmotor/motor and control are purchased together.
  • Model 3909 drives Bodine 24V brushless DC motors and gearmotors up to 3/8HP.
  • Model 3908 drives custom 12V BLDC motors and gearmotors. Call for details.
  • To be mounted in separate enclosure supplied by user.
  • Output voltage is up to 95% of input voltage.
  • 20kHz PWM switching frequency.
  • Rated for +50° C ambient (max).
  • Commutation is 60°.

  • Input Voltage Range: 12-14 VDC (model 3908) or 24-35 VDC (model 3909).
  • Control Functions: include dynamic braking, direction, and enable.
  • Speed Adjustment: can be controlled by an external potentiometer (included), the onboard MAX speed trim potentiometer, or a 0-5 VDC analog input signal.
  • User-Adjustable Pots: for speed settings, torque limit, acceleration time.
  • 12 PPR (pulse/revolution) tach output provides indication of motor speed.
  • Inherent closed loop system maintains a 2% maximum change in motor speed from 0-100% of rated load when operated at rated speed.
  • Smart Reverse™ circuit prevents plug reversing if the user accidentally or intentionally changes the direction signal without bringing the motor to a stop first.

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