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Hypoid PMDC Gearmotors from Bodine

Hypoid Gearmotor Cutaway
Cutaway showing the gearing a of Bodine Hypoid Gearmotor

Our new type 33A7-25H2 and 33A7-30H3 hypoid PMDC gearmotors combine our high-performance 33A7 PMDC motor with our all new hypoid gearheads. The gearmotors’ high torque and efficiency make them an ideal drive solution for applications that require compact size, lower energy consumption and cooler operation. The gearmotors are available with 12 gear ratios (5:1 to 240:1) and five winding options: 90 & 180VDC (“SCR Rated”), 130VDC and 12V or 24VDC, with a rated torque of up to 1535 lb-in (173 Nm). Optional accessories are: drive shaft kits, base/foot mount brackets, and our unique screw-in encoder shaft kit.

Right-angle gearmotors with hypoid gear sets have several advantages over standard worm and worm-gear gearmotors. While they cost more to manufacture, hypoid gear motors are more efficient, produce less heat, provide higher torque, and are usually smaller than equivalent gearmotors with worm- and worm-gear reducers.

Bodine Hypoid Gearmotors
Hypoid Application - Beverage Conveyor
Hypoid Application - CT Scan
Hypoid Application - Solar Panels
Hypoid Application - Industrial Piping

Power management is critical in many low-voltage applications. That’s why Bodine’s new low-voltage Hypoid PMDC gearmotors were designed with battery and solar power use in mind. Whether it is agricultural equipment, a warehouse automation robot (AGV or AMR), a portable medical device, or a chemical injection pump in a remote gas or oil field, we’ll make sure you get the performance you need. Our new high-torque, high-efficiency type 33A7-25H2 and 33A7-30H3 hypoid hollow-shaft gearmotors are an ideal solution for low-voltage applications.

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