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Metric K-2 Series Parallel Shaft AC Gearmotor

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Metric K-2 Series Parallel Shaft AC Gearmotor

Metric K-2 Series Parallel Shaft AC Gearmotor

Application Information

  • Capacitor is not included with motor.
  • Face mounting is standard.

  • Metric mounting threads and metric drive shaft dimensions.
  • Totally enclosed, non-ventilated IP-20 rating.
  • Permanently lubricated, noise tested ball bearings.
  • Three-wire winding simplifies reversing circuitry.
  • Impedance protected to prevent current overload (gearmotor should not be stalled when powered up). Contact us for specific gear ratios.
  • Three winding types are available.
  • Permanently lubricated gearing utilizing grease.
  • Helical pinion accurately cut on motor shaft for maximum strength and minimum noise.
  • Non-metallic helical primary gear for quietness.
  • Steel helical gearing on subsequent stages for quietness and high strength.

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