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Model 3306 34B Series BLDC Motor

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34B Series BLDC Motor

Model 3306

Bodine Electric, 3306, 2500 Rpm, 5.0625 lb-in, 1/5 hp, 130 dc, 34B Series BLDC Motor


Speed (rpm) 2500
Rated Torque (oz-in) 81
Rated Voltage 130V
Motor HP 1/5
Torque Constant (oz-in/A) 51
Voltage Constant (V/krpm) 38
Winding Resistance (ohms) 9.2
Winding Inductance (mH) 24
Rotor Inertia (oz-in-sec) 0.0115
Radial Load (lbs) 42
Length XH (inch) 4.06
Weight (lbs) 6
Product Type 34B3BEBL
Accessory Shaft NO
Connection Diagram 07410268

  •     Totally enclosed, non-ventilated (IP-44).
  •     Plug-in connectors facilitate electrical connections.
  •     Electronic commutation provides quiet operation and low electro-magnetic interference (EMI) while eliminating brush maintenance and contamination from brush dirt.
  •     Molded hall sensor assembly for accurate commutation.
  •     Wound stator with exposed laminations provides excellent heat transfer and allows maximum power per motor frame size.
  •     Rare earth magnets on the rotor provide high torque and low rotor inertia.


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