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Model 3326 22B-D Series Parallel Shaft BLDC Gearmotor

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22B-D Series Parallel Shaft BLDC Gearmotor

Model 3326

Bodine Electric, 3326, 417 Rpm, 6.0000 lb-in, 1/16 hp, 130 dc, 22B-D Series Parallel Shaft BLDC Gearmotor


Speed (rpm) 417
Rated Torque (lb-in) 5.8
Rated Voltage 130V
Amps (24V Model) 3.3
Amps (130V Model) 0.53
Peak Torque (lb-in) 6.2
Motor HP 1/16
Gear Ratio 6
Radial Load (lbs) 60
Length XH (inch) 5.58
Weight (lbs) 3.75
Product Type 22B2BEBL-D3
Accessory Shaft NO
HPDecimal 0.0625
Connection Diagram 07410268

  •     Brushless motor for high torque, smaller size, and no maintenance.
  •     Unvented gearhousing.
  •     Industrial lip type seals on motor and output shafts.
  •     Needle bearings on output shaft for increased radial load capacity and long life.
  •     Permanently lubricated gearing utilizing oil for long life.
  •     Reinforced thermoplastic helical gear on input stage for quietness and hardened steel spur gears on subsequent stages for high output torque and long life.
  •     Helical pinion accurately cut on motor shaft for maximum strength and minimum noise.
  •    IP-20 (24V) models, IP-40 (130V) stock models. 


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