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Model 4237 Metric 42A Series Permanent Magnet DC Motor

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Metric 42A Series Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Model 4237

Bodine Electric, 4237, 1725 Rpm, 7.5000 lb-in, 1/5 hp, 180 dc, Metric 42A Series Permanent Magnet DC Motor


Speed (rpm) 1725
Rated Torque (Nm) 0.85
Rated Torque (oz-in) 120
Power (Watts) 153
Power (HP) 1/5
KT (Nm/A) 1.0
KE (V/krpm) 105
Winding Resistance (ohms) 14
Winding Inductance (mH) 46
Armature Inertia (kg Mm2) 850
Volts 180
Amps 1.0
Radial Load (N) 400
Radial Load (lbs) 90
Length XH (mm) 200
Length XH (inch) 7.87
Weight (kg) 7.3
Weight (lbs) 16
Connection Diagram 07410097
Product Type 42A7BEPM
HPDecimal 0.2

  • Metric mounting threads and metric drive shaft dimensions.
  • Totally enclosed non-ventilated (IP-40).
  • Class "F" insulation.
  • NEMA 42CZ models are class "F" rated.
  • External brush access for easy inspection and replacement.
  • Constant force brush springs for long life and quietness.
  • Skewed armature for smooth low speed operation.
  • Oversized magnets resist demagnetization, stabilized to common strength for consistent performance.
  • High starting torque and self-braking.
  • Noise-tested ball bearings permanently lubricated.
  • Locked bearing minimizes endplay.

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