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Encoder Shaft Kit [model 0964]

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Encoder Shaft Kit [model 0964]

Encoder Shaft Kit  [model 0964]

Application Information

This stainless steel, screw-in encoder shaft kit can be used with:

Bodine Hypoid PMDC Gearmotors Type 33A7-25H2 and 33A7-30H3

Bodine 22B4FEBL-60P Series 130 VDC BLDC Planetary Gearmotor (U.S.) 

Bodine 22B4FEBL-60P Series 24 VDC BLDC Planetary Gearmotor (Metric) 

Bodine 33A7-HG/H Hollow Shaft PMDC Gearmotors

Bodine Type 42R6-FX (PSC and Inverter-Duty) Gearmotors

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