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34B4/SR-WX Series INTEGRAmotor BLDC Parallel Shaft Gearmotor

Application Information

  • Gearmotors meet NEC Class I / Division 2 standards for use in hazardous environments.
  • Easy to use, easy to set up brushless DC, PWM motor speed control.
  • All models are rated for a +40°C ambient (max), and are protected to IP-44.
  • Face mount is standard.


Product Brochure 

34B4-SR-WX Class I Div 2 (PDF)

Application Note

Remote wiring for non-hazardous locations (PDF)

Video Tutorial

Connecting for Local or Remote Operation

  • The 34B motor provides high starting torque, adjustable speed, and linear speed-torque characteristics.
  • Brushless DC (EC) motors require zero maintenance.
  • Standard 12 VDC and 24 VDC models. All gearmotors are TENV.
  • Unvented gearhousing. Lubricated for life. Synthetic lubricant.
  • Industrial lip type seals on motor and output shafts.
  • Needle bearings throughout for increased radial load capacity and long life.
  • All steel helical gears. Gearing meets or exceeds AGMA 9 standard for maximum life and quiet operation.
  • Control Inputs for run, brake, speed and direction.
  • 12 pulse/revolution tach output.
  • Dynamic braking for quick stops.

34B4/SR-WX Series INTEGRAmotor BLDC Parallel Shaft Gearmotor Models

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