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Bodine Launches Competitor Cross-Reference Tool for Baldor, Bison, or Leeson Gearmotor Replacements

If you are looking to cross a Baldor, Bison, or Leeson gearmotor you can now do so on our customer Support web page.

Each competitor part number is constructed differently:

For example, if you are crossing a Baldor item, the part number will look something like this GCP24004, please do not add any additional spaces, dashes, or any type of alphanumeric characters to the search box as this will not bring up the correct information.

Bison part number, e.g. 011-190-0271,  please enter the P/N with dashes just like this and the results will appear for you. 

Leeson part number, e.g. M1145039.00, please enter it like this, do not include any spaces, dashes, or additional alphanumeric information.

When you perform a cross-reference search for a Baldor, Bison or Leeson stock product, here are the possible search results: (a) Bodine drop-in, (b) we offer an “almost” drop in, with differences explained; (c) no drop in, no Bodine alternative, call our CS team, (d) no search result, not in our database, please call us.

If we do not offer a “drop-in”, but the item is in our competitor database, then we explain the differences so you can compare the specs with our closest stock model. If no cross-reference is available, please reach out to us directly and call us at: 773-478-3515 (USA) and ask for an application engineer, or send your email request to:

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