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Bodine 24A and 42A Motors Successfully Pass UL’s IP-66 Test

Bodine IP-Ratings-UL-Test_per IEC-529 Bodine Electric GearmotorsOEM applications often require gearmotors and motors that exceed the design features of our standard products. But with over 110 years of design and application engineering experience with FHP motors and gearmotors, we can add and include special design features and modifications for those demanding OEM applications.

One such example is our recent approval by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to mark and manufacture PMDC motors that meet IP-66 environmental protection requirements.

02-Bodine-MotorIP-66-UL-Test_42A1This UL approval is based on a specific set of modifications that each frame size must contain in order to comply with IP-66. In most cases, the design features include O-rings, liquid tight connectors, and sealing washers. We can also add design features such as stainless steel hardware and stainless steel motor and drive shafts. These types of modifications are available as custom features for most of our gearmotor and motor designs.

Bodine-Motor-IP-66-UL-Vacuum-Poweder-Test_24AThe IP rating matrix per IEC 60034-5 (and IEC-529) details a level of dust and water ingress permitted within the product, and its post-test functionality (see below table). Our IP-66 designs and ratings guarantees ZERO ingress of dust into the motor housing under a vacuum (negative pressure), and ZERO ingress of water from a high pressure water hose.

With the above mentioned design features incorporated into select PMDC products, the motors will be well suited for demanding applications, and ultimately guarantee the desired performance for the design life of the product. The features were designed to be as economical as possible, designed for “manufacturability”, and without major modifications to the exterior of the motors.

IP-Ratings per IEC-529 Bodine-Gearmotor-Handbook 11/2015

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