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Cannabis Industry to Reign Supreme in 2020

We visited MJBizCon in Las Vegas in December 2019 — a premier trade show for Cannabis Industry related products and services (Marijuana Business Daily put on this trade show event). We saw a lot of innovative automation equipment that is used in the Marijuana Business for cultivating, trimming, extracting, packaging, and processing the various products. Several of the machines had Bodine gearmotors in them. Below photos show you just a few application examples. Shout-outs to many of our current and future customers in this exciting and growing industry! #mjbizcon2019 #gearmotor #BodineElectricCompany #gearedmotors #cbd

Fun times at the MJBizCon 2019.
Bodine Right-Angle Gearmotor Application at the MJBizCon
Bodine Gearmotors in commercial cooking equipment to mix dough for cookies, brownies, and other delicious foods.

To read about how Bodine type 42R-FX inverter duty (AC 3-phase) gearmotors drive Molecular Distillation Equipment for the Cannabis Industry. Download this 1-page application note (PDF): click here.

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