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Gearmotor Tips from Bodine Electric: Type 33A or 42A DC Motor Brush Replacement

In this Gearmotor Tips video, we demonstrate how to inspect and replace the carbon brushes in a Bodine type 33A or 42A permanent magnet DC (PMDC) stock gearmotor or motor.

Our stock 33A and 42A PMDC gearmotors and motors use a unique method of maintaining a constant force on the motor brushes. A roll-type spring is used instead of the more common coiled spring. The roll-type spring puts a constant force on the brushes even as they wear and get shorter.   

Installing the roll-type springs correctly is critical in order to obtain optimal performance from your Bodine PMDC gearmotor or motor. Incorrect installation can cause brushes to not sit properly on the commutator, limit motor performance and ultimately could damage the product.

The following tools and equipment are needed to properly inspect and service our 33A and 42A PMDC stock gearmotors and motors: One Large slotted screwdriver, or alternatively a ¾” hex socket wrench. One Medium size slotted screwdriver. One Small screwdriver with any type of tip. One pair of long nose pliers. One pair of Safety Glasses

Visit our literature page to download these instructions in PDF format.

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