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How to Install a Bodine mod#0984 terminal box to a Bodine AC motor or gearmotor

Installing a Terminal Box onto a Motor/Gearmotor (IP-44)

Example: Terminal Box model 0984. Mounting Instructions 07400067E.

Installing a T-box for AC Gearmotors

The motor/gearmotor is factory-installed with a bushing on the lead exit. In order to install the terminal box onto the motor/gearmotor, this bushing must be removed. Unscrew and remove the plastic bushing from the motor/gearmotor’s center ring terminal opening and discard (except for type 34R motors/gearmotors. Leave the standard bushing in place).

Installing a T-box for AC Gearmotors_2JPG

Adhere the foam gasket to the outside face of the terminal box with the precut gasket holes aligned with the terminal box holes. Then pull the terminal leads through the opening in the back of the terminal box.

Installing a T-box for AC Gearmotors_3JPG

Secure the terminal box to the motor/gearmotor’s center ring. Follow the instructions detailed in the Mounting Instructions for Bodine Type 34R, 42R, and 48R (AC) Motor and Gearmotor U.S.A./Canada Terminal Box Kit (literature no. 07400067E).

Installing a T-box for AC Gearmotors_4

The capacitor for this gearmotor fits inside the terminal box, as do most of the standard stock capacitors for stock PSC motors/gearmotors. Install the run capacitor inside the terminal box. Mount larger capacitors externally.

Installing a T-box for AC Gearmotors_5

Make all connections per the motor/gearmotor wiring diagram, adding a cord/capacitor/etc. as instructed by the manufacturer. Add a strain relief or PG fitting to the cord exit to meet IP-44 (not supplied with terminal box).

Installing a T-box for AC Gearmotors_6

Follow the instructions detailed in literature no. 07400067E to fasten the terminal box cover and gasket onto the terminal box with the 4 screws provided.

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