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New 3-Wire-Reversible AC Fixed Speed Gearmotors

42R6-FX - New Bodine AC Gearmotor, 3-Wire-Reversible

42R6-FX – New Bodine AC Gearmotor

We expanded our popular FX line of parallel shaft gearmotors by adding (9) new AC models. The all-new 42R6-FX combines our new 3-wire reversible 42R frame AC induction motor with our completely redesigned and updated FX gearhead. The new gearmotor provides up to 40% more torque than previous E/F models. New synthetic lubricant allows the FX gearhead to operate at a wider temperature range while at the same time improving overall gearhead performance. Stronger, hardened helical steel gears and new needle bearings provide more torque and 25% longer product life. The 42R-FX achieves these gains in power, performance and flexibility without any change in the gearhead dimensions or mounting configurations.

The 42R6-FX gearmotor is ideal for fixed-speed applications such as medical equipment, packaging machines, conveyor systems, printing equipment, and factory automation applications.


The 42R6-FX is driven by our new 42R6-frame 115 VAC/60 Hz, single-phase 1/4 HP (186 Watts) AC motor, which is 60% more powerful than Bodine’s earlier E/F models. The three-wire winding makes the gearmotor easier to wire and to reverse. The new FX gearhead provides up to 350 lb-in. (40 Nm) continuous torque. Models are available with gear ratios ranging from 5:1 to 300:1 and rated output speeds of 5.7 to 340 RPM. Special order models with 230 VAC 50/60 Hz windings are also available with lead-time and minimum quantities.

Availability: These new stock models are available through Bodine’s extensive distributor network, via direct sales to OEMs, or from the Bodine web site. Stock orders typically ship within 2-3 business days.

To learn more about our new 42R-FX, 3-wire-reversible gearmotors, click here.

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