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New Fan Shrouds for Bodine type 34R, 42R, and 48R – TEFC AC Gearmotors and Motors

Starting this fall, we are rolling out new fan shrouds for our standard type 34R, 42R and 48R AC induction gearmotors and motors (48Rs, likely early 2022). The new, metal fan shrouds are several times stronger than the old metal designs and will provide superior protection to the fan end of the AC gearmotors and motors. With this fan shroud design upgrade, we are also changing the vent hole pattern from slotted to round vent holes. Motor performance is not affected by this design update.

There are two common motor construction types of small, fractional horsepower (FHP), industrial gearmotors and motors that are available from Bodine:

TEFC – Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (fan driven by the rotor shaft) and TENV – Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated [no external cooling fan].

Most AC induction gearmotors and motors are fan cooled (TEFC) which allows them to produce more output power. In contrast, most PMDC and Brushless DC (EC) gearmotors or motors are of TENV construction, eliminating the need for cooling fins, cooling fans, and providing much greater application flexibility due to the smaller, shorter, and often smoother motor enclosure. For some PMDC or BLDC motor applications, adding an external cooling fan to the high speed shaft can be an option to increase output power (and torque), if the gearmotor/motor is thermally limited.

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