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As the leading supplier of fractional horsepower (FHP) industrial electric motor products, Bodine Electric Company offers more than 1,000 standard designs of electric motors, gearmotors, and motion controls worldwide. Bodine FHP gearmotor and motor solutions include AC induction (fixed- and variable speed), permanent magnet DC (PMDC), and high-performance Brushless DC products. All are available as motors only, or in right-angle gearmotor or parallel shaft gearmotor configurations. Bodine motors are complemented by system-matched AC drives, DC drives, and Brushless DC drives.

With over 1,000 standard FHP gearmotors, motors, and speed controls to choose from, Bodine can easily modify a standard product to meet your design needs. From custom cables, connectors, and special motor shafts, to unique gearhead and mounting designs, almost every component of a Bodine gearmotor can be modified.

Bodine products are found wherever reliability and dependability are essential: medical and laboratory equipment, packaging and printing machinery, machine tools, foodservice equipment, factory automation, and many other applications

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Bodine Electric Plant in Peosta, Iowa (USA) -- CNC production cells

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