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22B4-60P Series 130V Inline Planetary BLDC Gearmotors

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22B4-60P Series 130V Inline Planetary BLDC Gearmotors

22B4-60P Series 130V Inline Planetary BLDC Gearmotors

Application Information

  • Up to twice the torque of conventional helical / spur parallel shaft gearboxes of similar size.
  • 130V models in US/Imperial dimensions; (our 24V models feature metric drive shafts and mounting).
  • Environmental protection rating is IP-44 (do not use the IP-66 flange kit with these gearmotors)
  • Encoder-compatible with new optional screw-in encoder shaft kit. (Standard/stock models supplied with factory-installed cover over shaft opening).
  • Requires a 130V brushless DC control set for 120° Commutation angle

  • Unvented gearhousing mounts in any orientation
  • Permanently lubricated with high-performance lubricant
  • Hardened steel gears for long life and maximum performance
  • Standard backlash < 60 arc minutes
  • Totally enclosed non-ventilated
  • Quiet operation, low electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Simple plug-in operation with Bodine chassis BLDC controls (flying leads, terminated for chassis control)

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