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New 34R4-WX AC Inverter Duty Stock Models Now Available

Our WX gearhead is now available with our inverter-duty, AC three-phase type 34R4 winding. The WX is a high-torque gearhead, built to provide longer life and higher performance than gearmotors of similar size. The dual voltage, 230/460VAC rated winding makes this gearmotor compatible with many AC inverter drives (VFDs) and for many industrial applications.

The WX gearhead is also offered with AC fixed speed (single-phase), permanent magnet DC and Brushless DC motor windings.

WX Gearhead Features

  • All steel helical gears; lubricated for life
  • Double the life of previous designs
  • Rated for up to 210 lb-in (24 Nm) continuous duty torque
  • Gearing meets or exceeds AGMA 9 standards for quiet operation
  • Synthetic lubricant improves performance, and allows these gearmotors to operate in a wide temperature range
  • Adaptor plate, model 0995, allows for 3-hole mounting configuration

34R Inverter Duty Motor Features

  • 230/460 VAC/60Hz, three-phase, variable speed, 1/6HP (124 Watts)
  • Dual Voltage winding for a wide range of applications
  • Inverter duty winding is designed to be compatible with a wide range of inverter (variable frequency) drives
  • Optional terminal box kits available, model 0984 or 0985 (for IP-44)

Bolt-on Adaptor for Three-Hole Mounting

The WX gearhead can easily be converted into a drop-in replacement for applications that are configured with a three-hole mounting pattern. Adaptor plate kit model 0995 simply bolts to the existing mounting holes.

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