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Quality Products Begin With Quality People

Our team of mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing engineers and all our technical staff work together to meet our high quality standards, every day. Our employees are committed to complete customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. As a team, we are dedicated to doing things right the first time, conforming to all known requirements, and providing on-time, defect free products.

To ensure that we meet this commitment, we developed a Quality Management System (QMS) that consists of effective and efficient business processes that conform to the requirements of ISO 9001. We are dedicated to the continuous improvement and effectiveness of our QMS through the measurement, analysis, and actions of established quality objectives. It is the responsibility of all our employees to work together to ensure we meet this commitment to quality. One of our Quality Assurance tools is this ZEISS CONTURA coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Shown with a Bodine type “FX” gear housing. 

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