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The Coolest Thing Made in Iowa

Terry Auchstetter, Director of Marketing & Product Development at Bodine Electric Company, with our very “cool” type 34B6BXBL-FX Explosion-Proof Gearmotor.

The Coolest Thing Made in Iowa Competition

The Coolest Thing Made in Iowa is an annual competition sponsored by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI) and Midwest One Bank. The competition was created to be a fun and lighthearted way to showcase the impressive diversity of products manufactured in Iowa and to promote manufacturing careers. The competition began on March 25, 2024 with a call for nominations. On April 19, the 68 nominees were announced, and the variety of products ran the gamut, from Gourmet Dog Treats to Bourbon to a Tiki Bar Boat to NASCAR Wheels to a John Deere See & Spray. Next began several rounds of popular voting to determine the eventual winner.

Bodine’s Nominated Product

Bodine nominated our type 34B6BXBL-FX gearmotor as The Coolest Thing Made in Iowa. It is one of Bodine’s newer products and the fact that it is explosion-proof increases its “coolness” factor. It is made in Bodine’s main manufacturing location in Peosta, Iowa and is bought by customers in the Oil & Gas Industry, the Marijuana Processing Industry, the Laboratory Equipment Industry, and the Chemical Processing Industry. You can learn more about the Explosion-Proof Gearmotor from the special page on our website. And you can learn more about one of the applications for this product from this Engineered Solutions story.

The Results

Bodine’s Explosion-Proof Gearmotor advanced to the Top 8. We were absolutely thrilled with the support we got and with how far we got in the competition, given the impressive number of cool products made in Iowa. The eventual winner was announced on June 5 and was the Vermeer ZR5-1200 Self-Propelled Baler. We at Bodine Electric Company extend our sincere congratulations to Vermeer on their achievement.

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