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High Torque: up to 1000 lb-in.

HG/CG Gearmotor Solutions 

High Torque HG/CG Gearmotors
Parallel Shaft CG Gearmotors

Parallel Shaft CG Gearmotors

Our variable speed type CG gearmotors are available from stock with either AC inverter-duty or permanent magnet DC windings. The CG gearmotors are designed for applications such as heavy-duty conveyor systems, medical equipment, food processing and factory automation, where long life and high load capacity are critical. The integral motor-gearhead design allows the CG gearmotors to deliver up to 1,000 lb-in. (113 Nm) of torque in a competitively priced and high-performance package.


Offset Parallel Shaft Gearmotor

Type 42R-HG and 33A-HG Offset Parallel Shaft Gearmotors for Tight Spaces

We offer stock and built-to-order type HG gearmotors for a wide range of OEM applications. The offset parallel shaft HG gearhead provides flexible mounting and high torque in a small package. Typical applications include conveyor systems, food processing equipment, and factory automation.

The type HG gearmotors are available with Bodine's 42R AC induction (fixed or variable speed) and 33A permanent magnet DC motors. The HG gearmotor design is offered in gear ratios from 6:1 to 108:1. The gearmotor produces up to 1,000 lb-in. (113 Nm) continuous torque and output speeds from 3 to 23 RPM.

Fixed Speed AC Variable Speed AC DC PDF

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Custom (built-to-order) options include: 

  • Higher horsepower and higher torque designs
  • Special windings and gear ratios
  • CG Models: base or foot mounts, special drive shafts
  • HG shaft options: single-, double-, or hollow-shaft

photo: custom brushless DC "CG" gearmotor for industrial AGVs

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