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Stainless Steel AC Inverter-Duty Gearmotors

Rated IP-69K for protection against dust and high temperature, high pressure water ingress.

Type 56R1BSPP-50JW/H stainless steel hollow shaft gearmotor

Our new stainless steel AC right-angle gearmotors are ideal for machines and systems that are subject to intensive cleaning and daily washdowns. Regardless of whether the gearmotors are used for material handling, intralogistics, packaging, or clean room applications, their hygienic properties, long operating life and low maintenance make them particularly well suited to production conditions in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, and in permanently wet environments. This product also meets EU Hygienic standard for food machinery.

  • Large water tight terminal box in 12 o’clock position for easy access.
  • 230/460VAC, 1/2 HP inverter-duty, 3-phase winding
  • Torque range: from 158 to 638 lb-in
  • Speed range: form 29 to 176 rpm
  • Food grade lubricant

Typical applications include conveyor systems, food processing equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing machinery and applications where hygiene and cleanliness are critical.

Dimensions for Type 56R1BSPP-50JW Stainless Steel AC Inverter-Duty Gearmotors in inches.


Model 0942
stainless steel torque arm
Model 0943
stainless steel hollow shaft cover kit
Model 0944 (single extension)

Model 0945 (double extension)
stainless steel 1-inch dia. shaft kit
Model 0946 stainless steel mounting flange

For more information, please download: our 2-page spec sheet (PDF).

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