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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Offer Replacements for the now Obsolete Baldor Gearmotors?

We can provide possible replacements for many of the obsolete AC fixed speed, AC inverter duty or PMDC fractional horsepower (<1HP) gearmotors from Baldor.  We also offer a large selection of “SCR Rated” PMDC gearmotors that are rated for either 90VDC or 180VDC. To get started, please provide the Baldor catalog or item number of the gearmotor in question. Baldor part numbers often start with either GPP, GP, GMP, but there are many other variations (you’ll find the part number on the motor nameplate).

With that information, we’ll be able to identify the closest possible Bodine stock gearmotor. If our replacement option is not a drop-in, we’ll let you know what the differences are. For OEM machine builders with larger quantity requirements, we can also develop a custom gearmotor solution that will be a direct drop-in. Please contact our regional sales manager to set up a design and application review for a custom drop-in gearmotor or motor, or send an e-mail to our technical support team at

Obsolete Baldor Gearmotor Replacement Options

What is an “SCR rated” PMDC gearmotor?

We define “SCR Rated” as a permanent magnet DC gearmotor that is designed to operate with an unfiltered SCR speed control while delivering similar speed and torque performance as a PMDC gearmotor that is designed to be operated from a filtered DC speed control or from a PWM speed control. SCR rated PMDC gearmotors or motors are designed to remain within their safe operating temperature range while delivering full rated torque over the entire speed range (when operated with an unfiltered SCR speed control). This is in contrast to PWM-rated PMDC gearmotors or motors which would need to be operated at reduced torque if they were operated with an unfiltered SCR speed control.

The majority of our standard stock 130V PMDC motors and gearmotors are rated for operation with a filtered speed control (FF = 1.0) at an armature speed of 2500 rpm. When operated with an unfiltered SCR control (90VDC off 115VAC), these stock motors will run at an armature speed of approx. 1725 rpm and would have to be proportionally derated. Hence, offering 90V or 180VDC “SCR Rated” gearmotors with an armature speed of 2500rpm allows the user to use the same gearmotor and gear ratio with either a winding for a filtered (PWM) or unfiltered SCR controls.

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