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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tie 2 controls together? For example, can I tie the inhibits on separate controls together?

No, you cannot and should not tie controls together. The controls should be isolated from each other. Use different contacts for each control. Note: This is different from using 2 or more controls in a master/slave operation.


I need a multiple-turn potentiometer to control speed with my drive. Is this something Bodine can sell to me?

All of Bodine’s potentiometers are one-turn pots. If you need any other type (i.e. multiple-turn pot), it must be sourced separately.

Can I use a control rated for less current (continuous output) than my motor (nameplate-rated current)?

Technically, the answer is yes. However, if the continuous output current on your control is less than that of the motor’s nameplate rated current, you will run into current limit and will not get the full nameplate rated torque from the motor.

Can I run a Brushless DC motor/gearmotor with an AC VFD/Inverter?

No, brushless DC motors cannot be run with an AC VFD. The brushless motor needs electronic commutation, and this will not be provided correctly from a VFD. The motor design will not work with a VFD. It may be possible, through some experimenting, to get the motor to turn, but there will be zero torque out.

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