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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run 2 (or more) AC motors on one AC control?

Yes, it is possible to run more than one AC motor/gearmotor on one AC control. Note: some conditions must be met before you are able to do so. First, the motors/gearmotors must be 3-phase and inverter duty. Second, the continuous output current of the control must be greater than or equal to the sum of the rated motor currents.

I received my AC control without a speed potentiometer. Do you have a replacement potentiometer kit?

Yes, we do offer a potentiometer kit for our AC controls. It is Bodine part number 43301002. These controls use a 5kW potentiometer. Please contact one of our authorized distributors to purchase this kit.

What is the carrier frequency on Bodine’s AC controls?

The carrier frequency of Bodine VFD’s is 16kHz. This is a typical frequency value, and is the maximum per industry standards.

What is the carrier (switching) frequency of Bodine’s AC inverter drives (VFDs)? How does this frequency affect the performance of my Bodine motor/gearmotor?

The carrier frequency of Bodine’s chassis (“OEM”), NEMA-1, and NEMA-1/IP-40 drives (models 2982, 2983, 2984, 2987, 2998, 2996 and 2997) is 8kHz. The NEMA-4X/IP-65 control (model 2994) has a programmable feature built in to set the carrier frequency to one of 3 values: 8kHz, 10kHz or 12kHz.

The carrier frequency is the switching frequency of the transistors used to create the PWM signal. Lower switching frequencies will result in the   motor dissipating less heat, therefore running cooler. At the same time, the motor will produce more noise, therefore running louder. As the switching frequency increases, the amount of heat the motor dissipates will also increase, but the noise it produces will decrease.

High switching frequencies could also cause increased bearing failure rates. The PWM drive can produce increased circulating currents through the motor bearings, which could lead to reduced bearing life.


Does Bodine have a single-phase inverter that I can use on my Bodine single phase motor/gearmotor?

Bodine does not currently carry any single-phase inverters. Note: our single phase motors/gearmotors do not have inverter duty insulation.

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